The Lord-Lieutenant’s new cadets

Being a cadet gives youngsters a chance to gain marketable skills & increase their life chances. So I was pleased to use the Investiture of my new cadets to thank the three who were demitting office and to explain to potential cadets how much can be gained by joining. Thanks to all.

Thanks also to Catmose College, a great venue for  the Lord-Lieutenant cadet investiture. Over 100 attended. Thanks all the organisers. It was an exciting meeting with confident, focussed young people.  Confidence, initiative, team work, politeness & willingness to help make all the difference in life.

Thanks to demitting LL cadets Hannah Seymour (ACF), Amelia Seymour (ATC), & Jack Walker Munro (CCF):

And welcome to my new cadets, Elby Williamson (ACF), Lee Crump (ATC) & Felix Baird (CCF). I look forward to having them alongside in the next year!