The Coronation

What an event. What a weekend! It deserves more than one Blog item, so I have created a whole web page on it. Here’s the link.

I was delighted to be invited to address the congregation at Oakham’s Coronation Service at All Saints’ Church on the following day. I have had several requests for the text of what I said, so here it is.

“Clear Out to Help Out” event delayed

Sadly the Rutland ‘Clear Out to Help Out’ charity car boot sale, planned for today 8th May 2023, has had to be delayed because rain has left Rutland Showground too wet; I have been told that taking the necessary vehicles across the grass would have turned it into a quagmire, not only resulting in a disaster on the day but also making the showground unusable for future events for some time to come.

This is very disappointing, not least because I have large pile of items donated to charity sitting in my garage.

The plan is to hole it on the next Bank Holiday in three weeks’ time, on Monday May 29th.

Weather permitting.