Rutland’s Festival of Remembrance Concert, Friday November 10th , St George’s Barracks, North Luffenham

I do hope you can join us for our second Festival of Remembrance.

Last year the Lieutenancy held a very successful first Festival of Remembrance Concert with over 400 attendees. It was enjoyed by all and it raised significant funds for the Rutland Branch of the British Legion. I am keen that we again support the charity generously.

The Royal British Legion provides life long support to those who have served. It makes a great deal of difference This year we will hold a second such event and we have a very appropriate venue. St George’s – the present home of 1 Military Working Dogs. The barracks are due to close so this venue will be popular. It will give attendees a chance to ‘see behind the wire’ and to take a look before the barracks are no more.

 Rutland, as we know, is very special – for many reasons. One is that it is a military county. Counting serving soldiers and members of the military living in Rutland but serving elsewhere, and the many veterans, and including the families of these groups, over 25% of Rutland’s population is military or military related. Remembrance of military sacrifices means a great deal here – sacrifices are still being made by serving personnel.

I do hope to see you on the evening of the 10th of November.

Warmest wishes

Sarah Furness

Online booking is available through this link.

The formal invitation can be downloaded and printed: