Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

What a weekend that was!

And Rutland played its part magnificently.

I would like to compile an ‘electronic scrapbook’ of Platinum Jubilee events in Rutland to submit to Her Majesty and to publish online. Please send me your best photographs of your local events, with a short caption, to add to the few I have already compiled below. By email please to ll@rutlandlordlieutenant.org .

We started by lighting beacons. Here’s Oakham’s, being lit in Cutts Close.
A good crowd for the beacon lighting in Oakham!
Meanwhile my Vice Lord-Lieutenant Jeanette Warner lit Uppingham’s beacon
Barleythorpe’s beacon burned well (note the precaution in the background…)
Ayston took an old-style approach; no brazier, they just lit a large bonfire
I was hugely honoured to be invited to the Platinum Jubilee service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
With thanks to the BBC for broadcasting this image!
Dramatic horsemanship at the Platinum Jubilee Rutland County Show
Not forgetting Rutland’s Motto, ‘Multum in Parvo’. Or is this ‘Parvo in Multum’???
Primary school Platinum Wheelbarrows competition!
Planting a tree for the Jubilee at Catmose Primary school’s party!
With the High Sheriff at the Jubilee Service in Oakham
While the vice Lord-Lieutenant Jeanette Warner attended the Jubilee service in Uppingham
And at the Jubilee Service in Peterborough
Street parties all over the place despite the weather. Here’s Mill Street…
Morris men at the party in Ketton
The good people of Manton had a ‘street party’ in the Village Hall on account of the rain.
Ashwell was prepared, with gazebos for cover until the rain stopped
Planting a tree for the Jubilee at Catmose Primary school’s party!
1st Military Working Dogs at St George’s Barracks; amazing how many people wanted to help with judging the cake baking competition!

Of course, The Queen is determined to ensure that the Jubilee has a lasting legacy, so it’s not over yet. For example, follow this link to learn more about The Queen’s Green Canopy.