Memorial for Katharine of Aragon

On 25th January I attended a beautiful memorial service for Katharine of Aragon, Henry VIIIth’s first wife, at Peterborough Cathedral where she is buried.  This is a remarkably durable tradition, as is the maintenance of a fresh pomegranate (her symbol) on her grave.  I was delighted to see the Spanish Embassy represented and historic links recognised.

Catherine aragon.jpg

Leicester Law Society

New Walk Museum was a great venue for the Leicester Law Society civic dinner.  (Most of Rutland’s court hearings etc. are provided in Leicester).  It was great to see many people who are key to our justice system there.

Open Your Eyes…

A visual treat was unveiled on 25th January at Rutland Museum in Oakham. Arts for Rutland showcased young talent with their new  ‘Open your eyes, open to ideas’ exhibition. I met 11 year old artist Mara Bradbury Harrold,  Mo Gardener, Joy Everitt , Oakham Mayor Adam Lowe,  High Sheriff Sue Jarrom and many others

New Citizens Ceremony

Citizenship ceremonies are always an enjoyable duty as Lord-Lieutenant. But on 24th January I attended Dr Montfort University’s Graduation Ceremony, so my Deputy Lieutenant, Kathy Robinson represented me instead. Congratulations to Yelena STEFANSKAYA from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan & Jennifer Lynn HOLLERING from Ohio, USA, pictured below, who are now British.

DMU Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to all graduating from the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences at DeMontfort University on 24th January. The  High Sheriff of Rutland Sue Jarrom & I were delighted to be part of your special day.

A Dickens of a Christmas…

‘Dickens of a Christmas’ at Oakham Castle on 22nd December had everything – activities for children,  the Chater Choir singing carols, people in costume and delicious edibles! Fun for all. Our wonderful Castle is of course the best preserved Norman great hall in the country, with its vast horseshoes donated by visiting aristocracy over the centuries.