Battle of Britain – 80 years on

September 13th: Marking 80 years #BattleOfBritain80 at Rutland’s commemorative Spitfire ‘sculpture’ on the Oakham ring road, with committee members of Rutland’s branch of Rutland Armed Forces Association. All were socially distanced – this was necessarily a more muted occasion than had been planned, due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Sustainable Land Trust

September 10th: I was glad to welcome a few of Rutland’s young people to the Sustainable Land Trust Communities. See their Learn & Transform programme which will provide them with skills, experience & qualifications; and also promote well being, confidence and mental health by teaching about the environment while living in it.

Merchant Navy Day 2020

September 3rd: Without the Merchant Navy both world wars would have been lost & our lives would be very different. Merchant Navy Day was marked in Rutland at Oakham Castle today, although numbers were severely limited due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Tribute was paid to those who serve our island country. Thanks to Capt Bob Strick for raising the Red Ensign.