Rutland Poppy Project

I am delighted to support the Rutland Poppy Project.  What a splendid idea – a ‘sea of poppies’ in Oakham Castle to commemorate the end ofWW1, and the poppies will all be made in Rutland!


This is a community art work event, supported by both the current Lord Lieutenant, Sir Lawrence Howard, and the future Lord Lieutenant, Dr Sarah Furness, to commemorate the centenary of the end of The Great War. The Project will bring together members of all sections of the Rutland community over the coming months. The project is already gaining huge support and enthusiasm from the community.

This commemoration will be the most important of its kind for many generations. Underpinning the Project are stories and recollections of this terrible conflict and, even more important, the hope that these appalling events must never happen again. For this to be a realistic hope we want the younger generation, upon whom our future peace will depend, to be involved and to understand the causes and lessons of the Great War.

Together we aim to create a magnificent largescale sculpture formed of up to 10,000 handcrafted poppies, based on the original work by Paul Cummins at the Tower of London.  The installation will be in the grounds of Oakham Castle where it will remain on display for a month in October-November 2018.    While the Project is co-ordinated through Catmose College all schools, community groups and businesses in the county are invited to participate.

The Project aims to:

  • Bring together all generations within the community
  • Raise funds for the British Legion.
  • Improve the lives of those suffering loneliness, mental or physical ill health, through active participation in this community project
  • Increase awareness of the sacrifice made by our forces
  • Encourage more visitors to come to Rutland

Too often small towns and rural communities miss the opportunity to experience major art projects.  We feel passionately that The Rutland Poppy Project will deliver both an inspiring sculpture and a memorable and valuable experience for all generations and abilities across Rutland.  It will also give us a focal point and a chance to remember in our County and beyond everyone who gave their lives in the defence of others.

We need £15,000 to cover the cost of making 10,000 poppies, transportation, publicity, the production of a Commemorative Brochure and security to cover the installation.

Please can you support this event? Donations of over £100 will be acknowledged in 3000 full colour glossy Commemorative brochures.