Veterans’ breakfast at The Grainstore

Breakfast at The Grainy in Oakham is an enjoyable way to meet up with fellow veterans. held its 3rd monthly meeting this morning. Great breakfast & company; discussing plans for future meetings celebrating the centenary of the  Armistice. Thanks for having me.

A mark of the success of the event is these three gents. all military veterans who  had not met before the Breakfast Club but are now friends.  One navy,  one air force, one army. Great to meet Paul, Marc & Carl. Next meeting is 9.30 am on November 3rd.  See you there!

Leicestershire & Rutland’s new magistrates

Congratulations to all our newly sworn in magistrates! Over 90% of judicial cases start in a magistrate’s court. Our judicial system rests on these skilled and unpaid volunteers. They come from many different backgrounds. We should all thank them for the time and skill they provide.

I was surprised and delighted to find that one of our new magistrates is Ozzy O’Shea.  So brilliant Ozzy that you are continuing in public service even after you step down as Chairman of Leicestershire County Council. You kept that quiet!

Where does our water come from?

We take clean water for granted but Rutland has less rain than Jerusalem! High Sheriff Sue Jarron & l were given fascinating tour of Anglian Water treatment plant. 90,000,000 litres of clean water supplied a day. £1.17p per week for an average household for drinking & waste water – looking around the world,  surely a bargain!

Lord-Lieutenants get to some interesting places!

Today I visited  RAF Wittering heritage centre as part of  the RAF 100 celebration. Picture 1 shows a Harrier GL7A which served in Afghanistan & a GL3 which served in the  Falklands.

Picture 2 shows me being allowed to fantasise a little…  I have such admiration for fighter pilots – the plane has fiendishly complicated controls! Thanks to all – great job!

RAF 100 multi-faith service in Leicester

29th September – Major world religions paid tribute to the RAF in its centenary year at a multi-faith service  at Gurdwara Gur Panth Parkash in Leicester.  The Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jain & Buddhist religions were all represented. Her Majesty The Queen sent her warm good wishes and Air Chief Marshal addressed the congregation.

Another 100th birthday!

Another 100th birthday to celebrate in one week!  Is there something in Rutland’s water??

It was a great pleasure to visit centenarian Nancy Boddington , on her birthday today. As Her Majesty’s representative I joined her with her great grandchildren, family & friends on her very special day.

Thanks also to sent a piece of cake from their own   Celebration .  1918 must have been a good year!

Happy 100th birthday!

Happy 100th birthday to Cyril Plant- looking very chipper for his years! At ‘s Grange Care Home, this Friday was party day in his honour.  Brian Maunders played his guitar and sang.  A great pleasure to meet Cyril, all the other residents and the lovely staff. Thank you for such an enjoyable morning.

Oakham has a new Team Rector!

Bishop Donald is pictured  below with Stephen Griffiths, the new Team Rector of Oakham with his family. Stephen was welcomed by all in Rutland during his Installation service at All Saints Church in Oakham this afternoon. I was delighted to welcome him in my capacity as the Queen’s representative in Rutland. Congratulations!

Ten years of Hambeton Bakery!

10 years of making arguably the best bread in Britain- if not the world. celebrates today with delicious baked goods made traditionally, with time and the best ingredients.  Even better news –  it is more filling & less fattening than mass produced! Congratulations!!! Tim Hart & head baker Julian at the event today.

The 10th Anniversary of Rutland Concert Band

Congratulations to Rutland Concert Band on its 10th anniversary.  10 concerts in 10 hours – a great way to celebrate! Lucky Oakham castle this morning & evening and Oakham museum this afternoon. Big sound – lots of fun.